Farbflash is the home of freelance multimedia developer Alex da Franca.

My main focus lies in developing mobile applications. I am specialized in programming native iOS Apps in Swift and Objective-C.

MacOS is my platform of choice to get my work done and therefore I am very experienced with "all kind of things Mac" of the last two decades.

Nonetheless, I am also experienced in working on the windows platform to deliver multimedia applications and games as well as on the linux platform to handle server side tasks.

I also develop all kinds of tools and utilities to help development and server tasks. In order to implement server side logic for games (e.g. Multiuser games) and applications and also websites. I host websites on my own webserver since several years and thus have quite a solid knowledge of Apache and other network technologies, which are required to run a webserver, mailserver, multiuser server and source control system.

I have worked in a wide variety of business sectors. Lately I am particularly interested in using mobile devices to their full potential using GPS, Barcode scanners and Augmented Reality. New projects always interest me, as well as improving on past work.

I am available for freelance work either onsite and offsite.

Please contact me for further information by e-mail, if you need help with anything related to App development or consulting work.

Thank you for your interest
Alex da Franca